Over our last 40 years, we have experienced the ways in which technology and innovation drive and transform the face of business. Despite this ever-changing business climate, one thing remains true — innovation matters.

SSF provides audit, tax and consulting services to new and emerging entrepreneur-driven companies, 250 of which are venture-backed. Our clients range from software, hardware, Cloud/SaaS and Big Data, life science (biotech, medical device, services) and a myriad of classic brick and mortar industries. We understand the differences in how these companies operate as well as how the accounting and tax environment interrelates with each business model.

We align our services to the needs of our clients not only by industry, but also by stage of development. Technology is continuously evolving and driving the way we do business, and we help our clients find solutions that will help today as well as when the company transitions in the future. No matter what stage your business is in or whether you’re looking to transition to IPO or exit through some sort of M&A, SSF has a proven track record to get you there.

Why SSF?

SSF recruits, trains and schedules professional staff by industry and specialization. A majority of our firm is dedicated to serving the companies and investors in Silicon Valley. We have designated audit, tax and consulting professionals that work cohesively as a team to solve the complex and dynamic challenges that our clients experience. We are registered with the Public Company Auditing Oversight Board (PCAOB), and as a firm, we focus our attention on the unique needs of private companies planning for growth and exit strategies. Our transaction and M&A experts have assisted clients in engagements with well over $1.3B in transaction value.

In addition, one of SSF’s core practices has been investment partnerships — primarily consisting of venture capital firms and funds. Our experts have created a strong reputation within the Silicon Valley ecosystem, granting us a holistic view of the lifecycle of businesses from startups to IPO and every transition in-between.

Our Services


As a tech company, it’s important to provide your stakeholders with clear, accurate and trustworthy financial information. At SSF, we will help you assess and strengthen the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, evaluate your company’s financial performance and ultimately build trust between you and your investors. Find out more about our Audit and Assurance services here…


Similar to the way technology constantly evolves, tax credits and compliance regulations are ever-evolving. Our technology specialists understand how to make the most of your tax credits and always keep you ahead of the game. Read more about our Tax services here…


From investor meetings to strategic planning sessions, it’s helpful having a knowledgeable CFO on your side of the table — and better yet, one you don’t have to pay full-time. We want to give you more time to focus on the innovation and vision that drives your company, so let us help you with tasks like bookkeeping, in-house close assistance, governance and business plan preparation. Getting a technology start-up off the ground is no easy feat, but you can rest easy knowing that you have a trusted advisor there with you every step of the way. See more about our consulting services here…

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