Industry Practice Groups

Accounting and tax rules can be dramatically different for different industries, and rules and reporting requirements can be different for public and private companies. Your accounting firm should have comprehensive knowledge of your market segment, including its best practices and its operating and regulatory environment. At SSF, we utilize this information in a cross-functional, integrated manner so that our business, accounting and tax knowledge is uniquely applied to you.

Our practice groups are comprised of an integrated team of experts well-versed and experienced in their specialty industry segments. Each group is tasked with bringing the most current, practical and useful knowledge to our clients, including a clear understanding of the accounting and tax regulations and trends specific to that industry. We don’t just identify problems, but proactively offer improvement opportunities and solutions.


SSF offers a full range of expertise to help you grow your vision and reach your goals.

We work with fourth generation family farms to the new AgTech that saving our top soil.

With comprehensive understanding of the nuances and challenges facing our local farming community and their families, we provide holistic guidance and expertise on accounting, tax and operational issues.

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Estate & Trust

We understand the interplay of income, gift and estate taxes and the effect they have on your succession plan.

Our estate, gift and trust tax experts will guide you through the process in an organized, friendly and comfortable manner.

While estate planning can get quite complicated, having a simple but well thought-out plan can help streamline what could otherwise be a time-consuming and expensive process

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Manufacturing & Distribution

We help clients navigate the complex tax, accounting and operational issues facing the industry.

We serve a wide spectrum of businesses within Manufacturing and Distribution.

We understand the intricacies and nuances facing companies in this dynamic industry, and our team provides specialized guidance to help navigate our clients through complex tax, accounting and operational challenges.

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Real Estate & Construction

We help clients of all sizes and stages achieve their operational and financial goals.

We work with architects to general contractors and individuals to multi-national companies.

With comprehensive understanding of the nuances and challenges facing companies in the real estate and construction community, we provide guidance and expertise on accounting, tax and operational issues.

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We help new and emerging companies at all stages reach their goals.

We align our services to the needs of our clients not only by industry, but also by stage of development.

Whether looking to expand internationally, transition to IPO, or exit through M&A, our industry experts have the experience to get you there.

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Venture Capital

We ensure that the tax and audit needs of your fund and its subsidiaries are not only satisfied, but exceeded.

We understand the intricacies of this fast-paced and evolving industry.

Our team of highly specialized experts understand the complexities of your business, and they work to block and anticipate tax and accounting issues before they happen.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

Top notch.

We initially decided to use Sensiba San Filippo because we knew their soon-to-be partner, who was going to be handling our account.

We were very happy with them, but our banking relationship required us to go to another firm. Once that banking relationship ended, we went back to Sensiba San Filippo.

Sensiba San Filippo meets all of our needs well. They work with us on schedule and they keep their fees under control.

They are very efficient and professional. They work well with middle-market companies. Their staff also seems very stable.

Overall, I highly recommend Sensiba San Filippo.

Barry Needleman, Vallejo, CA

Whether the problem is large or small they will respond quickly.

We bought our company 20 years ago and knew one of the partners at Sensiba San Filippo, so we started using them. We have been very pleased with them and would not think to change. They really accommodate all our needs, both small and large, in a quick time frame so that our stress decompresses.

At this point we have worked with multiple people within Sensiba San Filippo, and they have all been very professional. They get everything done as quickly as possible, without milking it out.

It is a real good company. Anytime I have a problem they have someone who can help me. Large or small problems, anytime we call them the response is right there, or they will send us to a source that can help. Sensiba San Filippo is a very professional company.

Laura Agresti , Cocconi Electric

Good company.

We’ve used the services of Sensiba San Filippo 3-4 times and will use them again in the future. They are a very good company to work with. Of course, they were willing to talk whenever we wanted to, but the majority of our communication was via email. It went very smoothly. They are very responsive. I have no negatives.

Dave P. , Novato, CA