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  • Analytical software tools

Analytical Software Tools for Auditing

Analytical software tools will never fully replace auditors, but they can help auditors do their work more efficiently and effectively. Here’s an overview of how data analytics — such as outlier detection, regression analysis [...]

  • start-up expenses

How to Handle Start-Up Expenses

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, government officials are seeing a large increase in the number of new businesses being launched. From June 2020 through June 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that business applications are [...]

  • internal control questionairre

Internal Control Questionnaires

Businesses rely on internal controls to help ensure the accuracy and integrity of their financial statements, as well as prevent fraud, waste and abuse. Given their importance, internal controls are a key area of [...]

California Cannabis Tax Fact Sheet

California’s Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration has issued a cannabis tax fact sheet for calculating the cannabis excise tax. To properly calculate the 15% tax, cannabis distributors must determine whether the sale or [...]


Beyond Excel: Building Blocks for Real-Time, Multi-Dimensional Reports, and Dashboards

Learn how to escape endless excel spreadsheets, slice and dice your data across metrics, and easily track key metrics from a single page.

Streamline Your Multi-Entity Consolidations and Management: Cut your close by up to 65%

Learn how to consolidate continuously to cut time off your close, automate inter-entity transactions, eliminations, currency conversions, add and set up new entities in minutes and enhance financial visibility at any level.

Learn the basics of lease accounting and recent updates, requirements of the new lease accounting standard, potential risks and impacts, adoption and maintenance, and automation solutions with a demo from LeaseCrunch.




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