Accounting Industry Experts

The people of Sensiba San Filippo are what drive our business and determine our success. People who care about clients, people with good business sense, people who know how to apply good judgment and put our collective knowledge to its best use for our clients.

The people of SSF come from a variety of backgrounds, which we think provides the best well-rounded understanding of our clients’ issues, perspectives and goals. Most of our people bring significant international experience, and several have held financial executive positions in private industry. All of us share a passion for public accounting and client service.

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Scott Anderson
Scott AndersonAudit Partner
Email Scott
(408) 286-7780
Frank Balestreri
Frank BalestreriConsulting Partner-in-Charge
Email Frank
(925) 271-8700
Bob Belshe
Bob BelsheAudit Partner-in-Charge
Email Bob
(408) 286-7780
Greg Brown
Greg BrownTax Partner
Email Greg
(408) 286-7780
Karen J. Burns
Karen J. BurnsAudit Partner
Email Karen
(925) 271-8700
Suki Mann
Suki MannAudit Partner
Email Suki
(925) 271-8700
William R. Norwalk
William R. NorwalkTax Partner
Email Bill
(925) 271-8700
Monic Ramirez
Monic RamirezTax Partner-in-Charge
Email Monic
(408) 776-8900
Ernest C. Rossi, III
Ernest C. Rossi, IIIAudit Partner
Email Ernie
(650) 358-9000
Steve San Filippo
Steve San FilippoFounder & Partner
In Memoriam
November 25, 1950 – October 9, 2018
Brandon Scripps
Brandon ScrippsAudit Partner
Email Brandon
(408) 286-7780
John D. Sensiba
John D. SensibaManaging Partner
Email John
(925) 271-8700
Kevin Shives
Kevin ShivesConsulting Partner
Email Kevin
(408) 286-7780
Santos Solano
Santos SolanoTax Partner
Email Santos
(408) 286-7780
Jeff Stark
Jeff StarkAudit Partner
Email Jeff
(408) 286-7780
P. Evan Stephens
P. Evan StephensTax Partner
Email Evan
(650) 358-9000
Stephanie Tsiagkas
Stephanie TsiagkasAudit Partner
Email Stephanie
(408) 286-7780
John Volk
John VolkTax Partner
Email John
(650) 358-9000
Jarrett Warner
Jarrett WarnerTax Partner
Email Jarrett
(925) 271-8700


Patricia Chantler
Patricia ChantlerTax Principal
Email Patty
(408) 776-8900
William Gisvold
William GisvoldTax Principal
Email Bill
(408) 776-8900
Jerry J. Krause
Jerry J. KrauseTax Principal
Email Jerry
(650) 358-9000
Gary R. Price
Gary R. PriceTax Principal
Email Gary
(408) 286-7780
John Slater
John SlaterTax Principal
Email John
(559) 437-0700
Tim Tikalsky
Tim TikalskyTax Principal
Email Tim
(925) 271-8700
Wonsun Willey
Wonsun WilleyTax Principal
Email Wonsun
(408) 776-8900