Top 40 – Fun Facts About SSF

In celebration of SSF’s 40th anniversary, we will be publishing a series of “Top 40” Lists for our clients to enjoy. From fun facts to tax tips, be sure to stay tuned to see what each month of 2017 has to offer!

  1. The Firm’s core values are: Family, Community, and Firm. In that order.
  2. Like any successful Silicon Valley business, SSF started in the garage of Founding Partner, Steve San Filippo
  3. SSF has been named one of the Bay Area’s Healthiest Employer for six consecutive years
  4. In 2016, The Firm was ranked as the 18th fastest growing firm in the U.S.
  5. SSF was named one of the top small companies by the Bay Area News Group for San Francisco Bay Area’s Top Workplaces of 2016
  6. The Firm is comprised of 20 partners and over 150 staff
  7. Women make up 65% of the Firm
  8. Women represent 22% of the Partner group
  9. 45% of staff are millennial, including 2 Partners
  10. 35% clients have been with SSF for over 10 years
  11. 13% clients have been with SSF for more than  20 years
  12. The Firm has a “dress for your day” dress code, allowing employees to choose between casual and formal attire based on what’s on their calendar
  13. 2014 marked the Firm’s most popular advertisement: The John Sensiba Red Phone ad. John Sensiba received actual cutouts of the advertisement in the mail from fans
  14. Every Summer SSF holds an All Hands Day where the entire Firm volunteers in the community
  15. SSF offers both Internship and Externship programs for University students
  16. SSF is a member of Morison KSI, an international organization representing more than 80 countries
  17. Smoothie or Mimosa? SSF employee appreciation days offer both, plus professional massages during  busy season
  18. In 2015, SSF opened up co-work office spaces in both San Francisco and Oakland
  19. SSF was named one of the fittest accounting firm in 2012, and continues to hold Fitbit and healthy eating competitions!
  20. Every year each SSF office hosts a Thanksgiving Feast, including full sized turkeys!
  21. Every year the Firm hosts an elegant celebration for the Firm staff and their loved ones at the Annual Dinner Dance
  22. Five of the last six Partners have been under 40 years old
  23. The Firm has a 82%-84% staff retention rate
  24. Every year the Firm hosts a golf tournament for employees
  25. The Fall 2016 incoming Associate Class was the largest in SSF history
  26. The Firm collectively speaks more than 10 languages
  27. The Firm has a China Desk, offering Mandarin speaking assistance to Chinese investors and businesses looking to expand to California
  28. In 2017, SSF grew its geographical presence to the Fresno area after acquiring the Fresno-based firm, Slater Moffat Associates
  29. SSF employees are big into philanthropy, many going beyond volunteering and donations. SSF staff sit on the board of directors for various non-profits and organizations, including: Sequoia Hospital, ValleyCare Health Systems, The Salvation Army, Fairfield Outreach and Sponsors Association, and many more.
  30. In 2012, SSF acquired Pleasanton-based W.H. Mayer Accountancy Corporation to expand its estate and trust and tax planning and compliance practice
  31. In 2015, SSF acquired business advisory and family office services firm Paraclae to begin SSF’s consulting practice
  32. In 2016, SSF acquired The Resultants, a boutique sized consulting firm specializing in internal audit and SOX compliance services to expand SSF’s consulting practice
  33. In 2017, SSF acquired San Francisco-based accounting firm Kupperberg and Associates to expanded SSF’s San Francisco presence and gain litigation support service
  34. Our San Jose Office has a ping pong table and our HR manager, Sholly Nicholson, is the reigning ping pong champion
  35. SSF raises funds and participates in the East Bay Kidney walk each year, our team name…Kicking Assets and Taking Names
  36. Our SOX Director, Bill Phillippe, is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, bluesman, folksinger, gospel singer and storyteller extraordinaire. His newest album “Parade” can be found on iTunes
  37. Our Marketing Manager, Jennifer Cantero, can eat and breathe fire. She used to perform and teach others how to do this at The Crucible
  38. 2014 was SSF’s largest “family growth” year with 3 engagements, 3 weddings and 7 babies!
  39. SSF Founders Steve San Filippo and Jerry Krause also founded SSF Financial Advisers in 2003. The investment advisory firm is based out of SSF’s San Mateo office.
  40. Tax Partner, Gary Price, is a co-owner of the Michelin star restaurant, Plumed Horse, in Saratoga, CA. Gary also has a black belt in Thai Chi
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