Promote And Report Diversity

Increasing diversity is a key initiative at many companies in 2020. This movement goes beyond social responsibility — it can lead to better-informed decision-making, improved productivity and enhanced value. Congress has also jumped on the diversity-and-inclusion bandwagon: Legislation is [...]

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Reporting CAMs in the COVID-19 Era

Starting in 2019, auditors’ reports for certain public companies must contain a new element: critical audit matters (CAMs). The requirement was in effect for audits of large accelerated filers (with market values of $700 million or more) in fiscal years [...]

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Auditing the Use of Estimates and Specialists

Complex accounting estimates — such as allowances for doubtful accounts, impairments of long-lived assets, and valuations of financial and nonfinancial assets — have been blamed for many high-profile accounting scams and financial restatements. Estimates generally involve some level of [...]

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