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Automated traceability will be essential for the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety

A new era of food safety is on the horizon, and the FDA is looking into technology and innovative approaches to solve some of the most significant food safety challenges in established and emerging markets. In its recently released [...]

Webinar: 4 Tips for Reducing the Impact of a Product Recall in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

If a product recall occurred tomorrow, would you be prepared? If you’re in business long enough, there is a high chance you’ll face at least one product recall. Depending on how your company handles it, a recall can be a [...]

Wherefour 3.5 Release Notes – Barcode, Inventory Trace Reports, and More

On October 26th, 2019, Wherefour released update 3.5, which added some new features to its mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform for food, beverage, and natural product manufacturers. A few of the highlights from this release include the following: The inventory trace [...]

Valley Made Manufacturing Summit

SSF is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Valley Made Manufacturing Summit! The Valley Made Manufacturing Summit is a conference for the thriving manufacturing industry of the San Joaquin Valley. Attendees will learn from industry leaders, celebrate their growing business [...]

How New Labeling Rules Might Impact the Food and Beverage Industry … in a Good Way

In an effort to create greater transparency, accountability and traceability in the food industry, Congress passed two game-changing pieces of legislation in 2016. As the first major change to labeling requirements in nearly 20 years, food and beverage companies [...]

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What the New Lease Standard Means for the Food and Beverage Industry

As a business owner, you likely started your business because of a great product and a passion for your craft. Whether innovating the production of chocolate or sharing your family’s bread recipe with the world, analyzing accounting standards and [...]

Tax Reform Could Mean Big Savings for Craft Beverage Industry

The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act has brought some bright news for producers of craft beer, wine and spirits. Beginning in tax year 2018, excise taxes will be substantially reduced, resulting in some pretty hefty tax savings [...]

Craft Brew Accounting

Tips for Craft Brewers What you need to know before jumping in craft beer industry Today’s beer industry is undeniably shifting in favor of the emerging craft brew movement that has brought thousands of options to taps across the nation. [...]

Five Healthy Tips for Food Manufacturing Success

While today’s competition in the Food & Beverage industry remains fierce, there are steps your manufacturing company can take to foster success. It starts by addressing many of the challenges the industry faces, such as managing cash flow; assessing [...]