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Five factors for creating value for your business

Many of us have heard the saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you probably won’t get there.” When it comes to building value in a company, this couldn’t be more true. “Building a successful business — one [...]

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Minimally Invasive: Eight Keys to a Painless 401(k) Audit

At Sensiba San Filippo (SSF), we perform many employee benefit plan audits annually, serving clients across throughout California. For many organizations an annual 401(k) audit is a necessity. If you’ve ever been involved with an employee benefit plan audit [...]

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How a valuation can benefit your company and help focus your business

Business valuations are a critical tool in any business owners’ arsenal, and should be considered from the day the business concept originates through the life cycle of the business. Many business owners only consider a valuation when they are [...]

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Five Healthy Tips for Food Manufacturing Success

While today’s competition in the Food & Beverage industry remains fierce, there are steps your manufacturing company can take to foster success. It starts by addressing many of the challenges the industry faces, such as managing cash flow; assessing [...]

Creating a win-win: How employee stock ownership plans provide business owners a competitive advantage and tax savings

Most business owners don’t start a company thinking about the day they’ll retire and leave the company in someone else’s hands. The business they founded is a large part of their identity and their life. But when they’re ready [...]

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