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Client Accounting Services for the Nonprofit Industry

SSF understands the unique challenges nonprofit face and have been committed to helping Not-for-Profit organizations achieve their missions for over 40 years. We aid nonprofits by providing better insights into their organization, increasing efficiencies, and offering meaningful collaboration with experienced professionals through our outsourced accounting and advisory services. Our strong commitment to the community has allowed us to serve on boards, aid nonprofits in meaningful ways, and work side by side to improve our communities. In fact we measure our community impact each year, here are our latest results:

How we help you…

  • Pursue Your Mission – Focus more on your mission and less on your back office and accounting activities. Central view and control over programs, grants, departments, entities, and metrics.

  • Increase Your Visibility – Ability to easily distribute reports to board members and program managers. Financial reports and dashboards that are intuitive, graphical and easy to understand for non-finance staff. On-demand real-time budget vs. actual reports

  • Access to Cloud Technology – making technology and software work for your organization. Customized finance/accounting system that makes sense for the nonprofit and one that can adapt over time. Easy integration with third party vendors.

  • Trusting Your Numbers – Confidence that financial data is accurate, up-to-date, properly maintained and reportable.

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