Streamline, control and automate your financial close process. 

If you’re struggling to find a solution to your labor-intensive financial close process, it might be time to consider something more automated.  SSF is a proud partner of BlackLine, the experienced software created to simplify and automate the financial close process.

BlackLine offers a solution for businesses looking to increase their financial close efficiency, control and visibility. BlackLine’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution replaces the manual and time-intensive process with a clean, easy to use application for streamlining the financial close process.

Our team can help you through every step of the process— from planning, implementation and training your staff. If you’re ready to gain efficiency, visibility and control over your financial close, we will ensure you have all of the knowledge, support and tools to make that happen.

Financial Close Management 

Streamline accounting workflows, produce financial and regulatory reporting, and ensure accuracy and simplified auditability

Reconciliation Management

Standardize, automate and streamline all of your reconciliations, including balance sheet, bank, credit card, as well as operational reconciliations such as regulatory standards

Controls Assurance

Document and oversee the testing of your internal controls environment, map your controls to any compliance framework, and utilize automated workflows for verification and testing of control activities

Intercompany Hub

A single process for reconciling, netting and settling intercompany transactions in real time

Learn how BlackLine modernizes finance and accounting with:

  • Improved insight and visibility over the financial close process
  • Proven capabilities for automating reconciliation management and controls
  • Centralized processes for intercompany accounting activities
  • One unified cloud-based platform for financial controls and automation

This white paper discusses the top five reasons why more companies are choosing to move to automation every day.

Download “5 Reasons to Transform Finance and Accounting”

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