Climate Neutral Certification Consulting

Become Climate Neutral Certified and Commit to Meaningful Climate Action.

Consumers are voting for climate-friendly businesses with their dollars more and more every day. The journey to climate neutrality can seem challenging and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our Climate Neutral Consultants walk side-by-side with you through the certification process. This reduces the investment of time and resources you might experience with traditional carbon accounting frameworks. We can turn your climate commitments into meaningful action, ensuring alignment with the 1.5°C ambition and other industry standards.

As a Climate Neutral Consulting Network member, our team can support you wherever you are in your Climate Neutral certification journey. From measuring and compiling the correct data to developing and implementing a realistic emissions reduction plan, we can help you successfully complete the assessment application for Climate Neutral’s certification audit.

What is Climate Neutral?

Setting the Standard

Climate Neutral is a mission-driven nonprofit continually working to increase accessibility for a wider range of businesses looking to eliminate carbon emissions by setting the standard for companies to act credibly on climate.

Open Certification

Climate Neutral’s Open Certification Program and pool of approved Consulting Partners enables companies like you to leverage support and simplify their certification journey. Working together we help you determine the best approach to measurement, timeline and deliverables, technology, and tools to meet your objectives.

Building Consumer Awareness and Demand

Over 330 brands are Climate Neutral certified across dozens of industries. These certified companies measure, reduce, and compensate for cradle-to-customer greenhouse gases annually, earning them the consumer trusted Climate Neutral Certified label.

How SSF can help you on your Climate Neutral journey?

Demistify GHGs

We’ll provide carbon accounting education to develop understanding of the lexicon and concepts behind Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting. We help identify key members of your team and external partners and suppliers to bring on board for the data collection process.

Credible Carbon Offsets

Climate Neutral Certified businesses have invested $10 million in carbon avoidance and removal projects in 2022 and measured nearly 1,200,000 tonnes of carbon last year alone.  Our team can assist in selecting projects customized to your organization’s desired impact.

Plan Immediate Reductions

Net Zero in 2050 is fast approaching. Get prepared by crafting near-term action items for the next 12-24 months to energize your team and start building momentum towards long-term goals.

Apply to Get Certified

Climate Neutral offers a streamlined application & review process for consultant-guided applications, and rigorously reviews all application materials for completeness and adherence to the standard. Apply to join the community of over 330 brands in the last year that have earned Climate Neutral Certification.

Deepen Your Impact

Build out multi-year roadmaps and implementation strategies to integrate sustainability into your company’s DNA. We’ve got the tools; you’ve got the institutional knowledge. Where would you like to go next?

Ready to start your Climate Neutral Journey?

What are the Benefits of Becoming Climate Neutral Certified?

  • Identify hotspots in your company’s operations
  • Employee engagement with climate work
  • Demonstrate alignment with global scientific consensus on climate targets
  • Show your customers you are accountable for Scope 1-3 carbon emissions
  • Become part of a community to meet and collaborate with other climate professionals

Rebooting Capitalism Podcast: Episode #44 — Becoming a Climate-Neutral Certified Company with Jamie Richards of Eva NYC

SSF’s Jennifer Cantero became acquainted with Jamie Richards, the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Leader at Eva NYC, while supporting Eva NYC’s B Corp Certification process. Jamie led Eva NYC to become the first masstige hair care brand certified as a Climate Neutral. She shares what she learned in the process and some of her tips and tricks. In this episode, they discuss what it really means to be Climate Neutral Certified, the things that you might not have thought about when it comes to your environmental impact, and how to start small and build your process for gathering the necessary data to become a Climate Neutral Certified company.

Climate Neutral Certification Leadership

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