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Sensiba Center for Sustainability is on a mission to help companies move to a purpose-driven, sustainable business model that includes social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Our vision is to create a world of purpose-driven companies that run on the quadruple bottom line principles of People, Planet, Profit, and Purpose.

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Program Development & Brand Voice

Not sure where to start to shift your company to a purpose-driven model, how to engage your employee in the process, or how to change your brand’s voice to reflect your mission and purpose? We can help with specific easy to understand frameworks and experts that have been working in sustainable branding for decades.

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Certifications & Compliance Reports

Whether you are looking to become a certified B Corporation or need assistance preparing your SASB reporting, we understand the sustainability topics that matter most to your stakeholders. From gathering all the data to the financial impacts, we’ve got you covered.

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Assessments & Measurement

Acquire a comprehensive and collaborative look at your business to create a customized roadmap that will help you grow your business into a more sustainable, mission-driven organization that will benefit all stakeholders, including some complimentary assessments from our industry partners.

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Sustainability in Business 2021 Report

Sustainability in Business
2022 Report

A survey looking into businesses sustainability efforts and how their measurable progress shows data that sustainability = employee engagement = profitability.

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Sustainability program development and branding

Program Development & Brand Voice

Sustainability Program Development: Gain all the resources and support you need to engage employees; manage environmental, social and governance risks; and implement a continuously improving sustainability program for your organization.

Sustainability Communications: Share your sustainability story to the world through qualitative reporting and communications approaches customized to highlight your corporate sustainability improvements and commitments to your stakeholders at every level.

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Sustainability assessments and measurements

Certifications & Compliance Reports

B Corporation Certification: Attain your certified B Corp status with support completing your B Impact Assessment, gathering required documentation, and having a liaison between your organization and B Lab. Learn more »

SASB Compliance Reporting: Obtain assistance and guidance through your process of preparing your SASB reporting in the initial year or on a continuing basis.  Manage and report on the financial impacts of sustainability topics that matter most to your investors.

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Sustainability certifications and compliance reports

Assessments & Measurement

Sustainability Assessments: Acquire a comprehensive and collaborative look at your business to create a customized roadmap that will help you grow your business into a more sustainable, mission-driven organization that will benefit all stakeholders.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Measurement: Gain guidance on how to engage and take action to improve your impact with respect to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Carbon Footprint Assessment: Ever wonder how your business is impacting the planet? We believe this question is essential for every business owner to ask. So important, we partnered up with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offer our clients Free Baseline Carbon Footprint Assessments and Training.

Commercial Property Performance Feasibility Study: Analyze the current performance of your building and calculate potential new performance and profitability of renovating it to be net-zero ready. SSF has partnered with Mynt Systems, who is bringing building design, energy engineering, green tech, and construction together under one roof to offer our clients complimentary Feasibility Studies.

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Sustainability Insights


Rebooting Capitalism Podcast

Rebooting Capitalism is a podcast that digs into why traditional capitalism is broken and what people are doing to fix it.

We are hoping our guests and topics will inform and inspire others to use business as a force for good.

Sustainability Practice Leadership

Jennifer Cantero
Jennifer CanteroSustainability Practice Leader
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Scott Anderson
Scott AndersonAudit Partner
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Julien Gervreau
Julien GervreauDirector of Sustainability Implementation & Climate Action Planning
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John D. Sensiba
John D. SensibaManaging Partner
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