Impakt IQ and SSF

Sensiba Center for Sustainability
is the Exclusive Deployment Partner of Impakt IQ

Preeminent ESG Assessment tool aligns with the world’s leading ESG and sustainability standards and connects the dots between ESG opportunities and risk, and their impacts to an organization’s bottom-line performance

Impakt IQ is a powerful ESG assessment and reporting tool that enables companies to measure and manage their ESG intelligence. It addresses a company’s blind spots and provides insight into impacts, risks, and opportunities, allowing executives to leverage this intelligence to make informed business decisions.

Impakt IQ generates an ESG score, ESG statement, and ESG report that are backed by auditable investment-grade data and aligned with the world’s leading sustainability and ESG standards, including the Task Force for Climate Change Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the SEC.

What are the benefits of Impakt IQ?

It informs and connects all leaders of an organization, creating cross-functional awareness and holistic insight into ESG risks, opportunities, and value creation. Executives can leverage this intelligence to make better-informed business decisions and connect the dots between ESG opportunities and risk and impacts on an organization’s bottom-line performance.

Is Impakt IQ proven?

YES! Impakt IQ’s systems-based approach and process stands on the shoulders of 15+ years of experience, knowledge, and demonstrated profitable results.

ImpaktIQ Dashboard Screen

Example of Impakt IQ ESG Diagnostic Dashboard

Tell me more about Impakt IQ

The Impakt IQ report and toolkit are to ESG what a Financial Report is to finance. This tool enables organizations to evaluate and generate their ESG scores internally, giving them insight and control over their ESG management, disclosure, and narrative in a way that aligns with investor-grade standards and is fully auditable.

Reporting Components Include

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