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If a product recall occurred tomorrow, would you be prepared?

If you’re in business long enough, there is a high chance you’ll face at least one product recall. Depending on how your company handles it, a recall can be a bump in the road or the untimely end to your operations.

With a little advance planning, companies can drastically improve their ability to respond and recover from product recalls.

In our upcoming webinar, Frank Balestreri, Partner at SSF will share preemptive strategies and technology that every food and beverage manufacturer can employ (regardless of size)to minimize the fallout of a recall and more closely adhere to FSMA standards.

In this session, Matt Brown, CEO of Wherefour will explore the question of when companies should consider moving from managing traceability in Excel and provide a demo of a cloud-based system designed to help manage manufacturing and traceability.

Topics covered will be:

  • Establishing a plan
  • Training and practicing
  • Strategies for reducing financial impact
  • Improving traceability through automation

Watch the recorded webinar here:


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