What To Do If Your Business Receives a “No-Match” Letter

In the past few months, many businesses and employers nationwide have received “no-match” letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The purpose of these letters is to alert employers if there’s a discrepancy between the agency’s files and data [...]

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Reporting Discontinued Operations

Financial reporting generally focuses on the results of continuing operations. But sometimes businesses sell (or retire) a product line, asset group or another component. In certain situations, such a disposal should be reported as a discontinued operation under U.S. Generally [...]

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The IRS is Targeting Business Transactions in Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies

Bitcoin and other forms of virtual currency are gaining popularity. But many businesses, consumers, employees and investors are still confused about how they work and how to report transactions on their federal tax returns. And the IRS just announced [...]

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Attention: Accounting Rule Delays in the Works

On July 17, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted to issue a proposal that would delay several landmark accounting rules for certain companies. If finalized, the deferral would apply to new guidance for reporting leases, hedging transactions, credit losses [...]

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7 Tax Implications You Can Expect from the New Lease Accounting Standards

It’s no surprise that the long-awaited changes to lease accounting standards have caused quite the ruckus in recent years, particularly as businesses scramble to understand and implement the complex new rules. In addition to understanding the new rule’s impact [...]

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The Introduction of Senate Bill 378

Important Update on Senate Bill 378: In May, Senate Bill 378 failed to receive a floor vote. Many were confident that Senate Bill 378 would pass. However, it has been concluded that the California Estate Tax Bill 378 will [...]

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Let’s Find a Better Way to Manage Your Receivables

Failure to collect accounts receivable (AR) in a timely manner can lead to myriad financial problems for your company, including poor cash flow and the inability to pay its own bills. Here are five effective ideas to facilitate more timely [...]

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It’s a Good Time to Buy Business Equipment and Other Depreciable Property

There’s good news about the Section 179 depreciation deduction for business property. The election has long provided a tax windfall to businesses, enabling them to claim immediate deductions for qualified assets, instead of taking depreciation deductions over time. And it [...]

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