Is This Your Situation: Deciding if Contractors Can Claim R&D Benefits

Of particular relevancy to contractors is the research and development tax credit, a tax incentive program. Also known as the research and experimentation tax credit or the research tax credit, it allows companies to work at maximum efficiency, Many wrongly [...]

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Is This Your Situation: Forging an Exit Plan for Your Tech Startup

Is This Your Situation: Forging an Exit Plan for Your Tech Startup It is common in the industry for smaller tech companies to be purchased by larger ones. This can lead to big payouts for the original owners and [...]

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Going Concern Rules and Your Company

Going Concern Rules and Your Company Changes in the standard and what you can expect as a result To outside investors, the future of early stage and startup companies can be murky. Many of these companies are pre-revenue and in [...]

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Understanding Employee Stock Options

Understanding Employee Stock Options  Tax Consequences of Stock Options for Employers and Employees In today’s start-up culture, it’s common for companies to offer employees the opportunity to own stock in the business. Employee stock options are a great way [...]

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Revenue Recognition Effect on M&A

Revenue Recognition Effect on M&A What’s changed and how will it affect your exit strategy? There has been a lot of chatter regarding changes in revenue recognition criteria lately, but the effects it will have on the evaluation of [...]

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Pay Your Payroll Tax with R&D Credits

Pay Your Payroll Tax with R&D Credits How start-up companies have an opportunity to save cash  Starting in 2016, Research and Development (R&D) tax credits can be used to offset payroll taxes. Previously, these credits could only be used [...]

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The SOC Compliance Report Lemonade Stand

Not sure of the difference between a SOC 1 and a SOC 2 report? How about how to explain the unique benefits of  a HIPPA or ISO 27001 report? Here’s an easy way to determine what’s what in the [...]

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Establishing a UK Footprint

Are you an international business looking to establish a UK footprint? by Monika Gajek International Business Development Executive, Kingston Smith As a dynamic business with global aspirations, whether you are looking to set up your first international presence or [...]

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Data Security

Is your data secure? Understanding and mitigating cybersecurity risk In today’s economy, information and technology drive value creation for businesses of all sizes across every industry. Information can be accessed and stored remotely in realtime, allowing for collaboration and [...]

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