Outsourced Accounting

Best Practices for Closing Your Books

In a survey that asked 2,300 organizations about their month-end close, the bottom 25% needed 10+ days to finish, while the top 25% needed 5 days or less. So where do you fit on that spectrum? No matter what [...]

Best Practices in Accounts Payable Automation

Here’s a simple question: Would you rather continue to manage accounts payable manually or put the whole process into an automated workflow? Considering the amount of time that’s consumed by staff and other resources in the AP process, most [...]

Differences between CFO Services and Accounting Services

Knowing What Kind of Outsourced Accounting Services You Need Managing your company’s finances isn’t always easy. In the early days of your business, things were probably a lot simpler. The financial responsibilities were, and maybe still are, handled by [...]