Transitioning to remote audits

Are you comfortable communicating electronically with your auditors? If so, a logical next step might be to transition from on-site audit procedures to a more “remote” approach. Remote audits can help reduce the time and cost of preparing audited [...]

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Close-up on the new QBI deduction’s wage limit

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) provides a valuable new tax break to noncorporate owners of pass-through entities: a deduction for a portion of qualified business income (QBI). The deduction generally applies to income from sole proprietorships, partnerships, [...]

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How to avoid getting hit with payroll tax penalties

For small businesses, managing payroll can be one of the most arduous tasks. Adding to the burden earlier this year was adjusting income tax withholding based on the new tables issued by the IRS. (Those tables account for changes under [...]

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California Competes Tax Credit Deadline is Approaching

What it is and why you should act fast The high cost of doing business in California can be challenging. Lucky for California businesses, a tax incentive is available to businesses looking to come, stay or grow their operations [...]

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Thinking Ahead: Estate Planning If You’re Under 40

The sooner you plan, the more prepared you'll be for life's unexpected twists and turns. You can start now, regardless of your net worth. You might still be paying off student loans or credit cards for the foreseeable future. Surprisingly, [...]

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Will Basics: What It Is and Why You Need One

A last will and testament provides instructions for the distribution of your estate. It probably comes as no surprise that more than 70 percent of Americans don't have one. Most people aren't eager to draft legal documents, and there's a [...]

Improving Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Board Risk Oversight

With the current digital privacy events challenging Facebook, Twitter other social media companies, significant concerns regarding how well organizations are addressing the risks of using and storing subscribers’ personal information have been raised. The Board of Directors ultimately has [...]

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Does your business have to begin collecting sales tax on all out-of-state online sales?

You’ve probably heard about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing state and local governments to impose sales taxes on more out-of-state online sales. The ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. is welcome news for brick-and-mortar retailers, who [...]

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Using analytical procedures in an audit provides many benefits

Analytical procedures can make audits more efficient and effective. First, they can help during the planning and review stages of the audit. But analytics can have an even bigger impact when used to supplement substantive testing during fieldwork. Defining [...]

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Spotlight on auditor independence and hosting arrangements

With Independence Day coming up, it’s a good time to check up on auditor independence issues. This is especially important in 2018. Why? New rules go into effect this fall that may warrant changes to the services provided by [...]

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