Career Opportunities for Students

Full-Time Associates: Senior Year

Tax, Audit and Consulting Associates begin their career path as early as their college Senior year. While many Associates come to us without prior experience at SSF, many are graduates of our internship and externship programs as well. Associates will begin the Fall after their graduation and should be eligible to sit for their CPA exams. We prepare our Associates for success in their roles and at the Firm through a structured training and introduction program before setting off to work on live engagements. These trainings provide you with the tools and foundational skills to start your career with the Firm.  After training, you are paired with both a senior staff member and a manager to provide mentorship and guidance every step of the way.  If you’re ready to see where a career with SSF can take you, see our current openings.

Download: Your Path from Associate to Partner

Internships: Junior Year

At SSF, we offer our interns something special — actual experience. We like coffee, but we can get it ourselves. We have our interns work on real engagements, and our team size allows you the flexibility to work within the specializations and industries that interest you. Our Tax, Consulting and Audit programs are designed to give you exposure to real life at the Firm, starting with a week long introduction and training course, followed by shadowing Partners and CPA’s on client projects. At the end of the program, our aim is for you to leave with excitement for your future career and the most experience we can provide. Our internships are also designed to identify candidates that would make a good fit to join the Firm after graduation. If you’re looking for an experience to jump-start your career, then check out our current opportunities.

Externships: Sophomore Year

SSF’s Externship program is geared toward college Sophomores looking to learn more about becoming a CPA. This 2-day program exposes students to the firm’s environment and offers a unique opportunity to obtain critical thinking skills applicable to their accounting degree. At this point in your academic career, you’re likely unsure if you want to choose Tax, Audit or even Consulting, and that’s perfectly normal. This program is perfect for those looking to gain a peak into what life will look like after your degree. We offer you time for training, networking with Partners, as well as attendance at our Firm-wide All Hands Volunteering Day to interact with CPAs and ask questions about their careers and life at SSF.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in mock-interviews with Partners, network with staff and fellow students, as well as conduct a case study to put your accounting skills to practical use.

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