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End of Year Tax Saving Strategies for Businesses and Business Owners 

The end of year is approaching, and that means it’s time for businesses and business owners to start thinking about their 2019 taxes. The major changes set forth last year by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will undoubtedly [...]

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California’s New Use Tax Collection Requirements: What the Wayfair Ruling Means for Retailers

With online retail becoming the preferred method of shopping in America, it was only a matter of time until states would start demanding their share of the sales pie. Unlike purchases in a physical store location, loopholes let bargain [...]

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California Implements Wayfair “Economic Nexus” Thresholds

California Announces New Use Tax Collection Requirements for In-State and Out-of-State Retailers California, the state with the fifth-largest economy in the world, has not required many out-of-state sellers to collect and remit tax on their California sales in the [...]

California Competes Tax Credit Deadline is Approaching

What it is and why you should act fast The high cost of doing business in California can be challenging. Lucky for California businesses, a tax incentive is available to businesses looking to come, stay or grow their operations [...]

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What Businesses Can Expect From Tax Reform

Now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has officially been passed, it’s time to start looking at how these changes will affect your business. Below is an overview of what’s in the tax bill and how businesses may [...]

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Tax Reform for Individuals

How Tax Reform Affects Individual Filers Now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has officially been passed, it’s time to start thinking about how these tax changes will affect taxpayers. Below is a brief overview of what’s in [...]

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Q&A With a Winery Tax Expert

Q&A with a Winery Tax Expert Answers to this year’s most relevant tax questions From disaster relief to R&D credits, here are the answers to this year's most relevant tax questions for wineries. 1.  What tax relief is available [...]

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Last Minute Tax Savings Before 2018 Tax Reform Hits

Last Minute Tax Savings to Consider Before 2018 Tax Reform Hits Deductions and savings to take advantage of before they’re gone By now you’ve likely heard that President Trump has officially signed off on one of the largest tax [...]

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