An Integrated Team of Accounting Experts

To Sensiba San Filippo (SSF), knowledge is the effective and appropriate application of experience, training, and instinct. We build it, use it, share it, and ultimately, help you benefit from it by tailoring our knowledge from all relevant disciplines within the firm to your company’s needs. In today’s marketplace, only a business armed with current, relevant and multi-faceted financial knowledge can make the critical decisions that will determine whether it succumbs, survives, or succeeds. SSF will help you obtain that knowledge.

To bring you the most effective, useable knowledge, our service teams are organized into industry — and specialty — focused groups. Each group is tasked with not only knowing the economic, regulatory and environmental factors affecting the industries we serve, but in applying this knowledge to you in a timely manner.

Our focused and integrated service team efforts provide the value your business deserves and the knowledge your business needs to succeed in today’s changing marketplace.


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