Sensiba San Filippo featured on Fox Business

Managing Your Liabilities

Bill Norwalk, SSF Tax Partner-in-Charge, speaks with Fox Business on how Financial Health Means Managing Your Liabilities. We spend hours poring over our investments but give too little thought to our liabilities.

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Sensiba San Filippo featured in Wholesale and Distribution magazine

What’s Your Fraud Risk?

Ernie Rossi, Audit Partner-in-Charge with Sensiba San Filippo speak with Wholesale & Distribution Magazine on fraud risk. Knowing the warning signs and putting protections in place are essential for your company.

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Sensiba San Filippo featured in Private Asset Management

Tax Relief Pitfalls

SSF Tax Partner Wonsun Willey speaks with Private Asset Management Magazine on tax relief pitfalls The 1031 exchange legislation, which allows real estate investors to defer capital gains taxes on the exchange of similar properties, has become the “number one audit item” for HNWIs...

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Sensiba San Filippo featured in Accounting Today

Tax Planning Tips

SSF Tax Manager Evan Stephens shares tax planning tips for 2015 with AccountingToday This year’s tax planning is going to be heavily focused on accelerating deductions and maximizing tax credits, according to Evan Stephens, a tax manager at the business consulting and accounting firm...

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