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40 Years

Top 40 – Fun Facts About SSF

In celebration of SSF’s 40th anniversary, we will be publishing a series of “Top 40” Lists for our clients to enjoy. From fun facts to tax tips, be sure to stay tuned to see what each month of 2017 has to offer! The Firm’s...

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Carmen Caballero

Do You Need an Internal Audit?

Do You Need an Internal Audit?  What it is and what it can do for your business You have worked hard to develop your business, and your efforts have paid off! Now you have a thriving business. You employ lots of employees, have a wider geographical...

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Brandon Scripps

Brew More Pay Less

Brew More Pay Less A six pack of tax tips for breweries  Lavender, bacon, maple syrup, chipotle. A decade ago the only thing these flavors would have in common is a row in a jelly bean box. Today, the combination of innovative flavors and...

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Bill Abel

Seasonal Employee vs. Seasonal Worker

Seasonal Employee vs. Seasonal Worker What you should know before hiring holiday help The holidays: the time of year characterized by family, love, thankfulness and extravagant shopping sprees. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the labyrinth of aisles dedicated to seasonal décor and gifts,...

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Carmen Caballero

External vs. Internal Audit

Have you wondered what the difference is between external and internal audit?  Here is a simplified comparison: External Audit Internal Audit Greater focus is on financial records Goal is to determine if the financial accounts give a fair reflection of the company’s financial position...

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