Deciding Between Cash and Accrual Basis

Is This Your Situation: Deciding Between Cash and Accrual Basis With cash-basis accounting, you record all transactions when cash actually changes hands, which means when a cash payment is received from customers or is paid out by your company [...]

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An Introduction to Sage Intacct

An Introduction to Sage Intacct How Sensiba San Filippo’s accounting solution can help our clients As the need for faster and more efficient accounting processes grows, so has the desire for automated technology and systems. Recognizing this trend, Sensiba [...]

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The ABCs of Risk Management

The ABCs of Risk Management Internal Controls for Non-Finance Professionals You’ve heard the words in business circles —COSO, ERM, SOX, and COBIT. Looks like alphabet soup. But what do they mean? If you think these all relate to risk management, then you [...]

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5 Common Pitfalls of a Risk Assessment

5 Common Pitfalls in Risk Assessments What to avoid and how to maximize effectiveness  The corporate scandals of Enron, WorldCom and Tyco in the early 2000s have forever changed the way management and investors view risk management programs. Circumventing [...]

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Managing Accounting Close

Managing Accounting Close 5 Features of an Effective and Efficient Accounting Close The Accounting Close process is a time-critical activity with an often unforgiving deadline.  It requires the synchronization of people, processes and systems to produce the results necessary [...]

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Sensiba San Filippo Partners with BlackLine

Sensiba San Filippo Partners with BlackLine SSF partners with software company to offer automated financial close services Pleasanton, Calif.— March 20, 2016 — Sensiba San Filippo LLP (SSF), a leading Northern California accounting and business consulting firm, is partnering [...]

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Accounting Success Podcast

Accounting Success Podcast – Frank Balestreri SSF Partner Frank Balestreri recently spoke with Ian Welham on Accounting Success Podcast. Ian and Frank discussed Frank’s background, how Sensiba San Filippo is growing through innovation and SSF’s Consulting services. Listen to [...]

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External vs. Internal Audit

Have you wondered what the difference is between external and internal audit?  Here is a simplified comparison: External Audit Internal Audit Greater focus is on financial records Goal is to determine if the financial accounts give a fair reflection [...]

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Do You Need an Internal Audit?

Do You Need an Internal Audit?  What it is and what it can do for your business You have worked hard to develop your business, and your efforts have paid off! Now you have a thriving business. You employ lots [...]

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Internal Controls and SOX Compliance

Internal Controls How to take a risk-focused approach to SOX compliance In April 2012, President Barack Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. Meant to encourage initial public offering activity, certain provisions of the act impact [...]

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