The Culture at Sensiba San Filippo

At SSF, we have built a workplace where individuals can practice their craft in an environment that encourages creativity, respect, and constant learning.

Our workplace culture is guided by a single, fundamental belief based on the “Golden Rule” of business.

We treat people the way we would want to be treated.

– John Sensiba, Managing Partner

This passionate approach is translated through our work and is reflected in our consistent delivery of superior client service. We follow through on commitments, both to our clients and to each other. We have integrity. Our relationships are built on honesty, mutual respect, and trust.

Our Values

We are responsive and value respectful communication. We are active listeners and proactive problem solvers. We take the time to listen and understand the needs and concerns that are identified by our clients and team members. We follow through with timely and appropriate resources and solutions.

We have integrity. We honor our commitments; maintain confidentiality and nourish trusting relationships that are built on honesty, mutual respect and trust.

We are responsible and accountable. We build sustainable and respectful relationships with clients and at all levels within the organization. We give full disclosure and are true to our word. We take responsibility for our individual actions and behaviors. We are open-minded and cooperative with suggestions intended to bring about improvements or resolutions.

We value teamwork, collaboration and partnership. We empower and support our teams and every team member. We trust one another and reasonably share decision-making authority. We each accept that it is our personal responsibility to perform a substantial role in the success of our shared venture.

We value creativity. We encourage reasonable risk taking. We are receptive to creativity and open-minded about accepting positive change and technological advancements. We commit ourselves to contributing our personal creativity and professional resources toward building a more productive enterprise.

We encourage learning and positive personal growth. We accept that it is our responsibility to devote time and resources toward the improvement of our professional and personal interactive skills and abilities. We fairly evaluate and invest in resources that enable, assist and empower our team.

We take responsibility for maintaining a respectful, safe and harmonious work environment. We are committed to ensuring we have a healthy, respectful workplace for all employees.

The people of SSF live, walk, and talk these values each day. It makes our company an enriching, inviting, and stimulating place to be.

Community Outreach

ssf-community-counts-logoSSF has made meaningful community involvement a core value. We believe that actively participating in building a strong social and economic community is the best way to ensure that the Bay Area, where we all live and work, continues to thrive. Our SSF Community Counts™ program helps facilitate ways for all of our partners and employees to give back to the community in ways that best fit each individual. SSF also hosts an annual “All Hands Day” where the firm shuts down for the day, and leverages their large employee base to volunteer with a local nonprofit. Each year we proudly dedicate thousands of hours and financial donations in support of many local organizations.

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