Benefits and Training

We Take Professional Development Seriously

One of the best aspects about SSF’s size is that we are small enough that you will gain the experience of working with clients directly and working with different aspects of a project more quickly than with a larger firm. We are also large enough that you can specialize in specific industries or areas of technical expertise that appeal to you. SSF frequently hosts both in-house and external trainings throughout your career to keep you educated on “best practices” and innovative techniques and approaches in various fields.

Graduates at SSF

As a new hire out of college, your first several weeks will be spent in formal classroom-style training. In these sessions, you’ll meet managers and partners from the Firm who will provide a broad overview of our approach to client service and you will have the opportunity to learn and get hands-on with the procedures and tools that will help you on the job.

Throughout the year, you will engage in a combination of on-the-job training and formal classroom time. We schedule both in-house and external trainings so that we are all learning the best practices and most innovative techniques and approaches in our field. As you progress in your career and begin to identify specific industries or areas of expertise that appeal to you, we will encourage you to attend classes and join associations that increase your knowledge and visibility in those areas.

Certification at SSF

Like most things worth waiting for, obtaining your CPA certificate requires diligence and persistence. All professional staff will be expected to pass the CPA exam — workbooks and study guides are provided to help you through the process. In the meantime, our internal tracking program will allow you to monitor the types of engagements and which audit sections you’ve worked on and mastered. This systematic approach allows you and the firm to be satisfied that you are on track and will meet the requirements necessary for the firm to sign off on your Form E.

We Offer Competitive Salaries and Benefits

SSF offers a very competitive salary and benefits package, including medical, dental and vision coverage, and 401(k) for all full-time employees.

Employee Appreciation

Sensiba San Filippo is recognized as a Healthiest Employer in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer generous vacation accrual, a personalized and robust wellness program, on-site ergonomic evaluations/solutions, complimentary healthy snack options as well as fruit smoothies and chair massages during our busiest season. We take care of our employees as they are truly our greatest assets.

Work/Life Balance

While we expect nothing less than each other’s highest effort level on the job, a big part of who we are revolves around knowing that life’s not all about work — we believe that it’s equally important to appreciate family and have fun.

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